Anchor provides mentoring, consulting, advisory services to Churches, Christian organisations, Christian leaders, Christian & non Christian. Anchor helps you to solve your church problems, issues and transform your church to be a better church. We advise on ministries matters. We minister to individuals. We like to serve God more fruitfully helping His churches & people.

Our mentoring consulting programme can be one-to-one or group. We believe in creating a learning environment where everyone benefits. We help you to discover more about God and how you can grow. We are Christian teachers, coaches helping you to have better clearer perspectives and understanding.

One particular area of advisory services that we like to touch on is about creating Churches websites. As people nowadays surf the internet more often, it is best that churches have a web presence online. We can advise churches on how to build a website, how to do regular updating and maintaining it, how to get people to know about your church, how to have better Google search results and any other questions you may have.

(2020 latest update it seems Church website ministry is the way to go with the Covid19 situation. Our posting about Church website advisory has being around for quite a while. If you are a Church or Christian organisation that needs help on church website, do contact us and we will see how we can help.)

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